Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Playing Catch-up!

Wow it's been a while. Since the last time I actually had time to sit down and write a blog entry so much has happened and changed!

Let's start with the fact that in March I started my first real yoga gig at a studio called Om Shanti Om Yoga Center in Sayville, NY. It's a beautiful studio with such great ambiance. If you are on Long Island and are looking for a new studio to practice in, I highly recommend it...and not just because I work there. Before I started teaching there I used to take classes there. They also offer FREE yoga in a park in walking distance from the studio on Sunday mornings starting on June 30th from 9:00-10:00 am. (click here for more info). Worth checking out for sure. Also this summer there are a lot of fun workshops being offered! Check out Om Shanti Om's website for more information on events/classes/packages/etc.

This app on my phone has been more addicting than Facebook! For those of you not familiar with Instagram, it's an app like Facebook, but instead of posting "statuses" you post pictures. When I first got one I wasn't quite sure what to post pictures of besides the typical foodie shot or "selfsies", until I discovered the immense yoga community on Instagram. I also discovered these monthly challenges that people will either work on their own, or a group of a few dedicated yogis/yoginis will team up to produce these challenges. There is also a company called Grow Soul Beautiful that has set up an Instagram (@growsoulbeautiful) and they put out a great monthly challenge!
If you happen to have an Instagram here are a few great yogis/yoginis with awesome challenges

  • @stretchloveyoga and the #smilingyogis challenge
  • @laurasykora , @masumi_g , @beachyogagirl , and @gypsetgoddess and the #maytheforcebewithyogis challenge
  • @fitqueenirene , @cheryld126 , and @yogitoes123 and the #bendyyogis challenge
  • @sequellife_bp , @humblebeginningsyoga , @treehouseohm , and @shauna_harrison and the #springbalance challenge
  • @growsoulbeautiful and the #YogaADay challenge 
I highly recommend checking all of these guys out...even if you don't participate in their challenges they are all awesomely inspiring!
P.S. these are only SOME of the challenges not all of them...feel free to post a comment of any other challenges you know of or might have even come up with on your own!
P.S.S. Feel free to follow me on instagram @thatslinkygirl

Last thing on my agenda to write about is All You Can Yoga. I recently stumbled upon their instagram account and fell in love with the concept of this company. They help promote teachers and their classes as well as connect with fellow teachers. I finally figured hey what they heck I'll apply to be an ambassador, not thinking I'd get it. But sure enough I got an email saying I had been accepted to be an #aycyambassador ! It was like opening a college acceptance lettter! Such an exciting endeavor. You can check them out on their website, their facebook , or check them out on Instagram @allyoucanyoga ! Thanks to Vanessa Birnbaum for setting up such a wonderful community :)

Until next time...