Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 3 - Horse Back Riding

Even though I don't do it nearly as much as I used to, today  I am grateful for horse back riding. Owning horses and horse back riding is something that I will forever be grateful for. It is something that no matter how long I go without doing, I will be able to get back on a horse and know what to do without even thinking. I was so fortunate to have parents who were willing to dish out the cash to allow me to carry out my dream of riding. They paid for the horses, saddles, blankets, feed, board, show fees, lessons, and countless other expenses (the farrier and the vet!). I learned so many valuable lessons and an insane amount of responsibility from horse back riding. I had the pleasure of interacting with and riding some of the most amazing horses on the planet. I consider myself very luck to have been able to ride for 10+ years!

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